Area map Edit

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The area map is a screen where you can select your destination.

News areas will be unlocked as you progress in the story. Each area has hubs such as towns and forests. You can accept quests at will.

By summoning in designated areas, you can meet new friends.

Quest Edit

There are three types of quests:

- Main quest Edit

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Quests that focus on seals and different realms.

When you work your way through the main game, you can unlock new realms.

- Unit quests Edit

These quests are connected with different units.

When you complete their quests, the units will awaken to new power.



- Free quests Edit

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Quests that can be carried out in each of the hubs.

Stamina Edit

Taking on quests will reduce your Stamina. Reduction in Stamina varies with different quests. Stamina will recover by 1 degree every five minutes.

When you increase in rank, you will completely recover your Stamina.

EXP Edit

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When you complete quests, you collect EXP (Experience points). When you gain enough, your User Rank will rise.

When User Rank increases, your Stamina and Friend Limit will also increase.

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