Unit : Kamar

TYPE: Caster


Weapon Type: Chanting

Affiliation: Kamar Army

Acquired during event by defeated the rarely summoned Hellfire Emperor Kamar during the event quest Kamars Descent.

Leader Skill: Royal Dark Flames:

Dark enemies deal half DMG

Unit Skills:  Not obtainable at this time.

Story 1 Unlock Requirements:

  • -Unit Level 40 

Story 2 Unlock Requirements:

  • -Unit Level 50
  • -Story 1 Cleared

Awakening Required Materials:

  • 20 Evil
  • 15 Malice
  • 3 Demon
  • 90, 000 gold

Awakening adds 20 levels, 4 cost, 800 HP, 800 ATK and 800 DEF.

Also boosts resistances of frozen to 1, mute to 4 and blind to 3.

"Burn, burn and begone! Not a speck of dust shall remain."

The king who has ruled Hell for the past thousand years. He's said to be the mostpowerful wielder of magic among all enchanted creatures. The purple flames that envelop him reflect his sinful nature. No one knows the story behind them. While rumor has it that purple flames are actually freezing cold, no one has lived to say for sure; whoever touches them burns down to nothing, leaving not even a trace of ash.

His cunning strategems have placed him far ahead of all the other demon leaders. His fellow soldiers envy him, knowing that he will no doubt rise to the top of the Purgatory Realm in the event of a military coup.

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