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  • Free-to-Play - Free download and no monthly costs!
  • A great RPG - Follow every chapter of the story, complete quests and defeat monsters. 
  • Over 100 quests only for chapter one!
  • Main story, free quests and unit quests. Can you complete all of them?
  • Daily login bonus: play every day to get more and more rewards!
  • Perfect your battle strategy as you command up to five characters at once in exciting real-time arcade battles.
  • Create massive combos to weaken your foes, then unleash your devastating attacks to silence them once and for all!
  • Collect units - Summon them, perform their quests to activate new skills and awake them. 
  • Collect Materia and upgrade your units!
  • Each unique character ability has its own special graphic effects and animations, whilst all of your allies possess individual attributes and ultimate skill effects!
  • Build your battle party by choosing between unique character classes. You can summon Brawlers, Rangers, Casters, and Healers to fight by your side.
  • Engage in fierce PvP battles in the Arena and win weekly rewards by fighting against the other players! 
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